Yearly Archives: 2020

Making The Microbiome More Receptive To Immunotherapy For Cancers

A New Study Examines The Gut-Cancer Treatment Impact Of A Fiber-Based Gel. Having A Healthy Gut Microbiome—The Collection Of Microorganisms That Reside In Our Gastrointestinal Tracts—Can Affect Us In A Variety Of Ways, Including Our Metabolism And Our Mood. Additionally, Studies Show That The Gut Microbiome May Influence How The …

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What Are Biomaterials, And What Are They Used For?

Using Hydrogel Sealants, Burn Patients May Be Able To Change Their Dressings Without Experiencing Pain. Today, Biomaterials Play A Critical Role In Medicine, Helping Patients Recover From Injury Or Disease By Restoring Function And Promoting Healing. If A Biological Function Or Tissue Is Damaged, Biomaterials Can Be Used In Medical …

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